Bek comes from a background in marketing and business strategy (ACIM), with a career expanding financial services, media, government and third sector. But first and foremost, she is a mum, and in 2021 she decided to join forces with her friend, fellow mum and now business partner, Emma, to build a company that specialises in supporting other parents. After using the service herself and realising its value, Emma trained to become a Sleep Consultant in 2020, prior to this she has an extensive background in teaching, family support services and child counselling.

Together, they are on a mission to ‘Make sleep the new normal’ for parents everywhere in order to prevent burnout, support positive physical, mental and social health outcomes, and enable more parents to return to or remain in the workforce, and they are challenging businesses to do the same.

Organisations work with Bek & Emma because for their easily-implementable strategies and services that can form part of any personal benefits package, offering support that their workforce value, and that has a tangible positive impact on the bottom line.

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