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Day 1 - November 16, 2021

2:00 pm-4:00 pm

How to build a 7 figure brand with your story

In the modern age where almost every direction in business is online we have to adapt to the market and find the way on how to stand out. With the power of story telling, powerful marketing and a proper business structure, an individual brand is able to separate itself from the noise, build long lasting relationships and create a solid long term business by using simple proven principles.
In this topic I will cover the same approach we used in building several businesses to 6-7 figures and show how to apply these principles in any business.

Co-Founder of Riches and Beyond, a leading property education company in South Africa, Founder of Millionaire Speakers, a program which focuses on building 6-7 figure businesses with the power of your story. Milan is also a host of Riches and Beyond and a Millionaire Speakers podcast, Editor in Chief of Millionaire Speakers Magazine, International speaker, entrepreneur, speakers coach and a mentor.
Milan left his country Serbia 15 years ago as a college dropout, being broke and could barely speak English. 15 years later, Milan has done over 1 000 presentations including seminars, art auctions, travel talks, sales live presentations and hundreds of online webinars. Milan has learned from the greats like Les Brown, Lisa Nichols, Jim Francis, Bob Proctor, Michel Beckwith and spoken internationally in US, San Diego, Dubai and South Africa!
As a serial entrepreneur, Milan has built several 6-7 figures companies with his speaking and leveraging personal brand and story telling.
Specialises in topics related to personal branding, social media marketing, real estate investing, sales presentations and business relationships.
Featured in Your Business Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Powerhouse Speakers and several business podcasts.
“The true secret in business is in building relationships and providing the enormous value.” – Milan Milosevic


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November 16, 2021

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