Small Business is my world

I have assisted a large number of small busines owners to run and thrive and grow their businesses in complete confidence that if something should arise then the FSB usually has a solution to the problem. However due to my extensive local network I can refer business owners to all different types of business owners who also could help.

I used to be an accountant, then I was a financial advisor and over the last 25 years I have been a proud recruiting agent for the Federation of Small Businesses the greatest set of tools that small businesses can use - largely for free!

I am an experienced business advisor in all sorts of industries from construction, care, retail , hospitality and online business to name but a few - if you are frustrated about the expense of business support to help you then FSB from only £147 per year may be the very thing - at least don't turn down the chance to have a chat and let me show you.

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Day 2 - November 17, 2021

12:00 pm-1:00 pm

The FSB providing Solutions not Just Answers

Hello I would like to invite you chat online to more engage with each other and to explain the amazing services FSB membership provides
Looking after all my members in the BH postal area, The New Forest and the Isle of Wight

If you are a business owner, whether self employed or a director of up to 250 staff, then the FSB should be your very FIRST organisation to consider -
Just ask and of your contacts and colleagues that are members!

I have been responsible for looking after my Fsb members for over 20 years I hope they like what the Fsb and I do for them

The membership comes complete with a professional and speedy callback Business and Legal helpline for to use to answer all your questions.


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November 17, 2021

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