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Chris is highly knowledgeable on business matters and the FSB provides excellent support to businesses, its a great combination, highly recommended'
'Chris is hugely knowledgeable in all things FSB, he will assist you in whatever area you need. Always willing to help and go the extra mile for his clients. As well as this he’s an all round good guy.'
So don't leave it too late! Don't hit an iceberg in business - We'll help you to avoid the icebergs
He would like to help you know more about the the FSB than you think you do - you may be in for a pleasant surprise. He love to chat to you online and share a virtual coffee -Right now you need our help that is available from the moment you join, its already low cost but try us out before you pay - get the best you deserve - FSB there for your businesses

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4:30 pm-5:00 pm

Your small business - keeping it simple as FSB by Chris Davis


- The reasons why business fail
- The problems of small business
- The solutions FSB provides to help
- A guide to how we do what we do
- The future lies in cooperation


Keynote Forum
February 15, 2023

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