CEO, A. Carden Inc.

Ann Carden is the CEO of A. Carden Inc., a Strategic Business Growth Consultant and Marketing & Sales Coach, 3 x Author & #1 Int. Bestselling Author, Speaker, and podcast host of “EXPERT IN YOU.”
Ann has more than forty-one years of business, marketing, and sales experience.

She spent thirteen years in corporate business management managing multiple-million-dollar departments for a multi-billion-dollar national retail corporation. She started her first business over thirty years ago. She has founded and built six highly successful businesses for herself, selling five of those businesses.

Working as a consultant/coach since 2010, Ann has helped hundreds of coaches, consultants, and service businesses add hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars to their business in over fifty different types of businesses.

She has also trained and educated thousands of business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals through speaking, workshops, seminars, and social media channels.

Ann has been featured on various media channels with articles and syndicated podcasts.

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Day 3 - November 18, 2021

1:00 pm-2:00 pm

Raise Your Influence - The Strategic Fast Track to More Visibility, More Clients & More Money

Attention is the new currency in the market today & attraction marketing is gold—the higher your visibility, the higher your influence, impact, and income. You can engineer your celebrity and rise above the noise to be seen, heard, and sought after.

>>Why raise your influence?
>>Learn the strategic shortcuts to go from unknown to a sought-after EXPERT.
>>Speed the know, like & trust, and turn leads into fans and buyers.


Keynote Forum Hall 1
November 18, 2021

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