Director: Vicechair:, Abiflo Ltd

Abhishek Tripathi is an accomplished entrepreneur and digital marketing specialist with a strong focus on international trade and relations. As the Director of and Abiflo Ltd, he empowers businesses with innovative digital solutions and strategic growth initiatives. His experience includess to spearheading digital campaigns for high-stakes state elections in India and providing brand management for Indian Parliamentarians.

Serving as the Vice-Chair of the Europe India Centre of Business and Industry (EICBI), Abhishek plays a pivotal role in strengthening international relations. He has facilitated the successful delivery of 27 summits, fostering collaboration and innovation within the EU/UK-India corridor, with 24 of these summits held at the UK Parliament and three at the European Parliament.

Abhishek's entrepreneurial journey includes launching initiatives that have garnered recognition, such as India's first national crowdfunding conference and, a pioneering healthcare platform acknowledged by the Economic Times-Power of Ideas award. He has also developed platforms like TwoCorners to help artists connect with buyers.

A proud alumnus of Birmingham City University, UK, Abhishek holds a Master's degree in International Business and Management. His wide-ranging expertise and strategic vision equip him to assist organizations across various sectors, such as politics, healthcare, finance, recruitment, IT, and energy, navigate the fast-paced digital economy.

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